Australian Doctor Group

Australian Doctor Group is the publisher of Australian Doctor – Australia’s leading publisher of medical news for General Practitioners.
Their commercial challenge

The majority of Australia’s GPs visit each month. ADG publishes a wide range of content on topics of interest to GPs, spanning politics, practice management, clinical news and career development. These different pieces of content were spread across 6 different mastheads and the challenge was how to combine them into a single brand without cannibalizing overall engagement.


Moxy clarified their thinking around data by defining a strict definition of audience engagement that was shared across editorial, sales and marketing and was also common to each of the mastheads. 


With a common definition, Moxy was able to model the impact of combining audiences and content into a single brand and to understand how important user loyalty was to the performance of each masthead.


Moxy also formulated the data strategy for the launch of the new, performance-based commercial product, Access Plus. Moxy developed ADG capabilities (tools and team) to track and analyse interactions in an auditable fashion and to build the recommendation algorithms necessary to serve personalised content to their audience.

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